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Making your first Zendesk app – Component 1: Installing the groundwork Charles Nadeau Produced: June 30, 2013 16:15 – Updated: July 18, 2015 22:10 Within this five- tutorial string, you are going to learn to build a Zendesk application from begin to complete. The app you will create is named Requester X-ray. This training includes the very first steps to building the application: The other lessons while in the line teach you just how to create and mount the app: Since eachother is built on by the guides, handle them to be able and end each guide before shifting to another one. Which means you’ll get more out of these lessons if you learn some JavaScript JavaScript is used to produce Zendesk programs. For a fantastic introductory book, see Modern JavaScript: Build and Design by Ullman. Planning the app You should have recommended prior to starting focusing on it, of how your software will appear and operate. The Requester xray app may show the next details about the requester: A the Zendesk report site the requesteris firm, if any the time the requester was added to Zendesk enough time of the requester closed into Zendesk The application can present these details inside the Programs screen about the right if the broker opens a solution inside the Zendesk representative screen. The app will include a “Survey bugs” link that enables the agent document a bug in an e-mail to the application’s creator. Here is a mockup of an individual program: The software may access all the information utilizing the Present Individual endpoint within the Zendesk SLEEP API.

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The endpoint is documented below. Adding the Zendesk software – best wriitng service methods In this area, you are going to mount the Zendesk application tools (also known as the ZAT tools). The tools let the next tasks are performed by you: Quickly build files to get a new application Exam and all of the required documents your software domestically in a browser Confirm your application is Packaged by your app for upload Installing the equipment is a one time process. You should use the ZAT tools for the Zendesk software jobs, once fitted. Begin to see the identified problems in the event you come across any troubles utilizing or installing the resources. You employ the commandprompt in Windows in Mac OS X to install the equipment. In Macos X, double-click the Fatal software in your Programs/Resources file. To start the demand prompt in Windows, start the Start-Menu, form cmd while in the search field, and click Enter.

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ZAT is just a Ruby gem — a self-contained deal of Ruby signal that extends Ruby. You don’t need to know the equipment to be used by Ruby, nevertheless you do need to install the jewel to be installed by Ruby. ZAT supports later or Ruby 2.0. Its probable that Ruby is already fitted on your own program. Within your command line interface (the command prompt in Windows or Final in Mac OS X), function these command to find out if Ruby is mounted: Notice: In Windows, the prompt is D:> instead of $. You need to see something like this: Ruby isn’t fitted should you get a mistake. You may need to update it, when the result is actually a Ruby version earlier than 2.0.

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If the effect is Ruby 2.0 or better, you do not must install Ruby. To Installing the ZAT treasure, jump.

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